Reviews: Desert Punk

It's a good show just HATE the ending

Desert Punk is basically about a 17 year old mercenary named Kanta going on crazy adventures trying to earn a living in post apocalyptic Japan. Kanta starts off as the baddest mofo in the land but after getting tricked and swindled out of the main prize of the job he was on at the point by a total bitch ( I hate that skank, luscious breasts be damned), he has to build his rep all over again. Along the way to reclaiming his former glory,he meets a bunch of wacky characters. Among them is a cute little girl with big dreams who Kanta hopes will be his "apprentice" one day, three idiot brothers with unhealthy obsessions with shooting stuff with their machine guns, and a very creepy rival mercenary. Everyone else, isn't important enough to describe because their airtime is so inconsistent that you forget about them anyway. I like the show because its comical in an adult kind of way. It doesn't try too hard to sugarcoat anything, if at all. It makes it very clear just about everyone in this series is a selfish asshole/ bitch looking out for themselves, living in a God-forsaken environment. I despise sickeningly benign characters because nobody's really like that at all. Another interesting thing about the show is how it suddenly changes from a very vulgar comedy to a sorta darker drama. I mean, the lewd and sophomoric comedy is still there but you can tell this show has undergone a mood swing as it nears the end just by listening to the differences between the songs( show start n show end theme songs) as the show progresses. Also, as the show progresses you start to learn some unsettling/ amazing things about the characters. Some people you learn aren't as nice as they were pretending to be .Some people aren't as terrible as they've been drawn to be. All this new information just serves to set the stage for the epic final episode which is filled with enough twists by itself. However, there is one big problem I have with the show. The ending pisses me the fuck off. There are too many unanswered questions once the show is over. I FUCKING DESPISE endings like that because I feel like I've been played by the show's writers if they give me an ambiguous ending. It's just insulting in my opinion because I've invested time into this show, then you basically tell me I'm not worthy of a quality ending ? Unacceptable ! Good show, though.