Reviews: There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Boredom

To call this movie bad wouldn't be right, but quite frankly the film extends to 2 and a half hours, when only about 20% of that really felt both necessary AND worth watching. The last 15 minutes were pretty interesting and made for a great piece of filmwork. I would have been fine with that. The only problem is that apart from a very hard to like or relate to Daniel Day Lewis, the Movie's supporting cast isn't particularly strong, the film is set largely in oil country, which means very limited amounts of life to the scenery, and a long, long LONG film where so little seems to happen that I essentially had to watch it twice because I kept missing details in my boredom. It didn't help either. This film just isn't that interesting and any sense of "moral" provided certainly isn't shown through its crazy, selfish lead character. Watch the first and last 15 minutes, a part about midway through the film, so the Milkshake Scene has context, and you have a solid short film. But I did not enjoy this movie very much.