Reviews: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Laugh, or Cry

I'll say it up front: this comic is bad. Some of the story elements are good, like Catgirl and Superman's daughter, but everything is handled so badly that these good ideas are lost in the shuffle. The random panels of ordinary Americans and talking heads reacting to events in the comic are overused, cluttering and distracting from the storyline.

Superman gets the crap kicked out of him for the crime of wanting to talk to Batman, and bones Wonder Woman for no reason. Diana has no relevance to the plot except to talk about how much she likes it when Supes gives her a damn good seeing-to. The Question exists to have stupid political arguments with the Green Arrow. The villains' motives are never explained. J'onn J'onzz has what amounts to a cameo, Hal Jordan's godlike abilities make no sense, and The New Joker comes out of nowhere and has zero impact on the plot aside from murdering a few unimportant characters, and when his true identity is finally revealed, it makes little to no sense.

The art is almost intentionally shitty. In one closeup, Superman actually has Photoshop artifacts around his head. It's like Sweet Bats and Hella Supes. I wondered if aliens had received a partial episode of Justice League transmitted from Earth, watched it once, and then published a comic about it.

Not everything about The Dark Knight Strikes Again is bad. Most scenes with Catgirl are good. Her rescue of the Atom and leadership of the "Batboys" are well-written, even if Frank Miller's attempts at future slang sound like bad A Clockwork Orange Fan Fic. A few of the political jokes were amusing ("Who cares if the President isn't real? He's a GREAT AMERICAN!"), but again: DISTRACTING. Seeing Superman alongside his super daughter was stirring, and handled well, although Miller doesn't really do enough with Lara to make us care about her. And the first thing she asks him about is sex? What

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this comic to anybody without a good sense of humour. Maybe not So Bad It's Good, but definitely So Sloppy, It's Funny.