Reviews: Shannon Hale

Remember When You Still Liked Fairy Tales? (Mainly A Review Of The Bayern Books)

Goose Girl kinda gives you that feeling, without coming off as corny or dumb. It's very well-written, the characters are realistic, and it manages to be a beautiful and gripping story without being overly jaded or being a Deconstruction. I've read the rest of Shannon Hale's books, and they're all worth reading, but my personal favorites are the Bayern books. I don't know how to sell it, because her books aren't edgy; the best thing I can say is it's like looking at an exquisite piece of artwork, or even something like in nature that just makes you stare because it's awesome and graceful and delicate. If you can't appreciate that, I wouldn't recommend this series, but if you adore well-written fairy tales, then this is definitely worth your time and effort.