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my first review on tvtropes? this is awesome.

Secret Girlfriend is a series, six episodes, from Comedy Central. The idea is, you're the main character. You. For some reason I don't understand, this upsets people. Some editor, on the Never Trust A Trailer page, referenced Being John Malkovich, and it's kinda like that, but without those high expectations you're suddenly having right now. You are the main character. It's almost certainly gimmicky, and you are a silent Mary Sue. But you should know, tropes are not bad.

That's actually my favorite thing about this show. It's only six episodes. Each 30 minute show has two parts, like cartoons, except the finale. Finale, you say? Yeah, there's a story. An arc. Beginning, middle, end.

The probably digital video looks nice, as does the fanservice. Luckily it never gets in the way; it's kind of actually part of the story. I guess we call that justified, huh? Likewise, the writing is great as far as expectations go. This is not a CBS sitcom; people seriously cared about this show, and it shows.

Like I said, for me the sweetest thing is the informality. They'd say chill. It's just nice, really, for me, to care for a show, with no expectations.


... k that's the end. i still have words though, so...

when it debuted, i was in. i'm a sucker for digital, it's just so pretty. also, the girls are very pretty, and the concept intrigued me. i recorded it, all six episodes. like i said, it's an arc; much like FLCL, i do not wish for more. Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, an engineer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but nothing left to take away. And yes, Civ IV is neat, but do you know what i mean?

i still watch the show, on my iPod named Tubby, pretty often. I think, whatever the creators aimed to achieve, they really really aced it. 10/10, because of that. how it compares to your favorite show, though, is too subjective. plus you're probably dumb.

honestly though, if you are a fanboy*, this won't interest you. you know who you are. phil. if you understand whatever it is i'm rambling about though, you'll like it.

(fanboy: MONSTERS who abuse "works of art," by treating said art like accessories or furniture, to complement you and your ego, as opposed to actually liking the damn thing. PHIL. god i hate that.)