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Where's my left shoe?
In one hand, I'm holding a bagel. And in the other, an apple. You're asking yourself: "But then how are you typing this?" To which I say, FUCK YOU I'M THE PRESIDENT OF ALASKA!

And that's the story of None Piece, or how I learned to stop caring about that damn ringing in my ears by eating turpentine.
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None Piece did to my spleen what 4Kids did to the original!
In a good way! Somehow, the mere fact that Luffy sounds like Sean Connery was enough to make me die of laughter. My reaction, to sum it up, was "GAH!" A portmanteau of GAR! and Holy s**t!

And then the cupcake..."eat me!"
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What happens when you cross Nappa from DBZ Abridged with Gan Xingba and Little Kuriboh?
You get this series. Did that comparison not make sense to you? It didn't make sense to me, either, but that's okay because this abridged series will make even less sense. But that's what makes it awesome.
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