Reviews: Manga/Franken Fran

She won't kill you, she'll do anything to help you...

Biology not included, Brain Bleach for a fee.

Franken Fran is, basically, Body Horror distilled into a fine liquor, which has been used to breed an Eldritch Abomination inside a vat full of the blood of the innocent, and that Eldritch Abomination has been ground into a fine powder which you'll snort whilst being devoured alive by Chtulhu.

If you can stomach it, however, you'll find a perverse amount of Scenery Gorn (or the human equivalent) sure to please terrify even the most ambitious Nightmare Fetishist Death Seeker, engaging stories, fascinating characters and enough High Octane Nightmare Fuel to last you forever.

Franken Fran details the life of Fran Madaraki, artificially contructed 'daughter' of the mysteriously absent Miracle Surgeon Naomitsu Madaraki. A great deal of the horror of the series comes from the fact that Fran is capable and willing to perform surgery on a level beyond anything ever witnessed before - but has a completely alien perspective on life, refusing to allow her victims patients to die if they it can be kept alive at all. Obviously, this means high concentrations of Squick, And I Must Scream and MandatoryTwistEndings. However, you'll find yourself dragging on, Bile Fascination or just pure horror dragging your eye over lavish illustrations of exposed organs, faces contorted in unspeakable anguish and horror, Fran's perpetual Glasgow Grin, nudity similar in effect to the Wafer Thin Mint and lots of completely irrelevant tankobon covers that nicely help stomach the content.

Highly enjoyable, and with that I mean that the area of my brain containing these memories has committed suicide and I am glad for the fact that that human body automatically forgets most dreams.