Reviews: Lets Play

Hypercam's our man!

The concept of an LP is a very curious thing indeed, its popularity even more so.

As I have come to realize, there are three main groups of LP viewers.

1) Those who watch because they want to get the cinematic experience out of a game they cannot afford or else do not have on hand

2.) Those who watch as a guided walkthrough of a game that particularly frustrates them.

3.) Those who form an attachment to LP'ers themselves and watch to behold their reaction to the game at hand.

Naturally these groups each have conflicting ideas of exactly what they might demand out of an lp. Group 1 essentially wants an cinematic experience devoid of any commentary that focus on story driven RPG's. They of course are under the deluded notion that story developers are their personal servant and that they are entitled to behold these works without paying those who put in the blood sweat and tears to deliver.

The second group consists of (usually) objective and casual viewers who are as inclined to a silent run through a game as they are to one colored by conversation, and find the latter merely as enjoyable banter. They are nice quiet, polite... and very dull as a result of their insulting niceness and apathy.

The last group is the widest range, ranging from those who enjoy watching an isolated man-child scream on camera to snarkers who behold these same individuals simply to mock their very existence for the sake of simple comedy.

I suppose one of the big criticisms leveled against fans of lps is that they have "low tastes". Instead of istening to Wagner we're busy listening to an idiotic child talk into a camcorder. Then again, in the scheme of things that essentially leaves lp viewers in the same boat as arm chair sports viewers. In truth the only difference between a socially accepted viewer of ESPN and a socially shunned viewer of Youtube lps is that one group consists of professionally hired men delivering asinine commentary on games and the other consists of squealing boys delivering asinine commentary on games. To sum it up, guilty pleasures.

In the end we all have the right to enjoy our simple guilty pleasures ( that I myself have the right to comedically mock).. just know that sometimes playing is better then watching.

If you found this review to be too cynical or mean-spirited, please know that its all meant in good humor.