Reviews: Lazy Town

Tons of Fun

Lazytown is full of bright colors, catchy tunes, silly scenarios, weird characters, and a completely over-the-top villain. It's aimed at preschoolers. It can be Narmy at times. Occasionally, it gets a bit Anvilicious. Some things really test my Willing Suspension Of Disbelief.

But damned if I don't love every second of it.

Sportacus is a Canon Sue, but he's so nice, cool, and even a bit naive that I can't bring myself to dislike him. Stephanie plays a great Only Sane Man to the sheer insanity of her cohorts . And Robbie... he is hilarious! His schemes and songs provide some of the best stuff in the show. And the songs, silly and childish as they are, are actually very good. My favorites are Man on a Mission, The Scary Song, The Genie of Everlasting Eternity, and, of course, You Are a Pirate.

Give the show a chance. It's worth a look.