Reviews: Jerry

Very moving series

The series runs on dark humor and the people are portrayed as jerks. But when you watch the whole series, you realize the meaning behind it all.

Jerry is a Woobie who was filled with hope, but he's been screwed over his entire life. His father hates him, his one-night-stands are always stealing his money, and his adult life is a boring routine that gives him no ability to fulfill his dreams.

The wonderful thing about this series is that it's released as a series of shorts, out of order, and still manages to present a powerful message about humanity. I'm not sure how to word that message, so I'm just going to leave this review with this: if you don't mind a little crude and dark humor, watch the series.

(As a side note, if your You Tube account says you're under 18, you'll have to create a new account that says you're at least 18. Annoyingly, the last video called "Jerry: The End" is banned from anyone under 18. Despite this ban, the video has the same level of dark humor and crudeness as the others, yet only this one is banned.)