Reviews: Inland Empire

One of the craziest films ever made

The thing with most of the films made by David Lynch is that, you either love or hate them. And in "Inland Empire", the common elements present in his previous movies are taken to a extreme point, that even the most hardcore Lynch fans will found absolutely confusing and self indulgent.

And yet, I found this film to be extraordinary. Why? Because, after seeing a lot of fantasy/ horror/ thriller films, one could think that everything was said, that there is nothing that could be add in those genres...But this film speaks otherwise: "Inland Empire" is a triumph of the imagination over the coherence (And that is the reason why I could understand why so many people dislikes this film) the supremacy of the dreams over the reality. This film is unpredictable, twisted, and filled with sophisticated nonsense, the kind of film that you could watch hundred of times, and always will be equally surprising as the first time.

Laura Dern's performance is simply outstanding: I just couldn't think in any other actress able to do the incredible effort required by this movie, in which Lynch introduces us into a wild world of dreams and nightmares, even more intense than his previous films, such as "Eraser Head" and "Lost Highway".

Just like "Toy Story 3" is considered by many film-goers as a delightful love-letter to all those that enjoyed that franchise of movies since the very beginning of it, this could be considered as the very own message to all those that loved his previous work...And all those who dare to dream beyond any kind of limit.