Reviews: Heta Quest

Needs More Love

This is a very interesting series. True to its source, it contains some nice original flavor from the Hetalia characters and it is VERY much like a classic RPG (which, mind you, is a good thing). What's especially nice is that the series eases you into the story, and the drama, and the tears, and the OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!-ness, giving the viewer some breathing space.

As for the story itself, like I said, it's like an RPG, and a good one at that. As we are put further and further into the story, you tend to get more and more invested in the characters, who, while in essence the exact same as their "regular world" counter-parts, have their own stories to be told, which are also very interesting. The story also has enough surprises to keep viewers on their toes at all times (and, yes, many tables were flipped throughout various parts).

What bugs me though, is actually more with the fan-bases. I see this series compared to Heta Oni a LOT, and they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. It's like comparing apples and oranges; sure, they're both 'Heta-games' but, they both have completely different stories and are in completely different genres. If anything, "Heta Quest" is more like "Romaheta", if but only slightly; the similiarity being the characters in another world and fighting off some big threat. It's not much, but it's something.

What also bothers me, is the lack of attention that this has. It is honestly a really good series, and has just as many great subtle and dramatic moments as any other hetagame. It's still a developing story too, so there's a LOT of room to have a little fun with guesses and theories and such. I really wish that "Heta Quest" had a little more love in the "Heta-games" triad (that is, "Heta Oni, "Roma Heta", and "Heta Quest", with "Heta Hazard" sneaking in to form a circle-ish), saying as it is still relatively unknown (that is, in comparison with the other two). I highly reccomend checking it out sometime, and I'm sure you'll like it. Thanks for listening~