Reviews: Emberverse

Dies the Fire, Pimps the Pagan Excessively

The overall series is an interesting what if situation. What if we lost all of our modern tech. What would we do? Some of the characters have abilities or skills that are a bit too convenient and the general populace does not seem to be portrayed as hard hit as it would be in real life.

The organization of various groups working together is believable overall and provides an interesting look and what people might do. There is still some post apocalyptic feel to the books despite how well some things seem to work out. Maybe I take this view because I have read plenty of post apocalyptic fiction where the world is written to be more bleak by comparison.

Now we get to the part of the book that bugs me. The Pagan commune. Yes there are pagans in the U.S. But the segments of the book that cover the community are honestly rather boring and a less believable then other parts of the book. It seems the author completely ignored history in favour of a "modern view" of paganism. It was trying to hard play up how good the pagan community was vs the rest of the groups ins ome cases.

Other thenthe overly convenient skill and ability sets and the excessive pagan commune good others bad vibe I got from the books it was overall an entertaining read.