Reviews: Edna And Harvey The Breakout

My Thoughts on the Special Edition

I have to admit, Iím a bit disappointed by the special edition of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. For those who donít know, the special edition is basically the same game as before, but with the following upgrades:

  • The game is playable in both the original German and the English translation.
  • The engine has been optimized to cut down loading times and take up less space on the hard drive.
  • There are eighteen unlockable achievements.
  • An audio commentary by the creator can be turned on (German only).

Now, this is all well and good, but there are some serious issues that almost outweigh the improvements.

First of all, obvious bugs that have been there from the beginning and still havenít been fixed are joined by completely new bugs. For example, the special edition keeps crashing on my computer, something that never happened with previous versions. Also, it skips some lines of dialog, which might be confusing for players who havenít played the original.

Another thing new to the special edition is that the background music starts over every time you switch rooms, even when the room you go to has the same background music as the room you come from. I have no idea why they did that, but itís pretty annoying.

While I liked the audio commentary, there is one big problem with it. You see, to hear it you have to click a little button that appears in the upper left corner of every screen that has a bit of commentary associated with it. However, in a truly spectacularly stupid move, the developers even added it to dialog-only screens where you never actually get to click it! Yes, thatís right, they actually accidentally dummied out parts of the audio commentary!

Iím sorry, but this version is in dire need of a patch.