Reviews: Camp Rock

Camp Rock- un-needed ignorance fueled hatedom. Why?

Camp Rock are a amazing series of films. They're funny, entertaining and inspring. I think the only reason they get hate is because of the ignorant "Disney-hate" rockist white boys have and a few other people. There were a couple of reviews that said they didn't like High School Musical. Then why were you watching this?! Hypocrite. The music is good, and yes some songs are more rock pop then rock, but rock isn't world-ending as people make it. Besides, the black man invented rock and roll...the same man whose music you rockists hate... Anyway, Camp Rock 2 was music better than the last, and really showed it's teeth. All i have to say is that you should watch the movies with a free mind like a child would and don't be ignorant or hypocritical.

Camp Rock 2

Well, might I say that Camp Rock 2 has the most soul-crushing finale ever seen? In a massive standoff between the two camps, Camp Star and Camp Rock, that spans an ENTIRE HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, the viewers watch on edge, hoping desperately that Mitchie and her friends will win. In the final performance, Camp Star does a typical villain song, albeit thinly veiled. Camp Rock does a romantic duet between Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato. We reach the climax in which the two camps wait...and the children are not given a straight 'oh no, they didn't win.' No. They have to endure almost a minute of soul-crushing horror as the entire camp learns-silently, with nothing but piano music, in slow motion-that their efforts, that have taken them four weeks, have amounted to NOTHING. I could hear crying kids. I could hear them. Now, this being Disney, yes, there is a happy ending, as Camp Star does run out of money due to being evil and stuff, but this is AFTER you have made The Jonii and Demi Lovato FAIL MISERABLY. Would it have not just been better to have had a riot onstage? Save yourself some time with this film: it's the same as the first, but with more camps.

Camp Rock 1? A Good DCOM. 2? Sequelitis in full swing. (Review of Camp Rock 2 Only)

The first Camp Rock film has it's flaws, but is fairly entertaining and even with it's bad romance, is enjoyable to watch. The second however, feels like a cheap cash-in on Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers fame

Tha main differences are the characters, in the first movie Mitchie is a hardworking but shy songwriter who wants to be popular and realizes it's not worth sacrificing your dignity for but by the second movie has transformed into a brunette pretty and extremely selfish girl who gets whatever she wants and is always right. The pinnacle of this is when she's very rude to Camp Star's director and everybody agrees with her.

Tess in the first movie is evil, manipulative and yet hardworking (The reason Peggy and Ella quit on her is she's a Drill Sergeant Nasty) who wants to impress her mother. Even with her methods, it's a respectable goal. In the second she's a stereotypical Rich Bitch who gets a silly Tsundere romance that goes nowhere.

The villains also get a downgrade, Tess, as I've said, was manipulative and evil, Axel, Tess and Luke are boring invincible villains who can just throw money at the conflict of the movie .

The entire second movie ends with a Campfire, where everybody asks to return to Camp Rock next year...

Um... Well, let me summarize in a list I'd like to call Reasons Camp Rock 3 Was Never Made

  • Their parents refused to send them back to the cesspool Camp Rock was presented as all over the media last summer
  • The obvious lack of co-ordination the staff had
  • Camp Star finally got campfires.
  • Camp Star is run by a freaking music producer.

The plot, as I've mentioned, falls apart as soon as it appears due to the villains being able to throw uncountable amounts of money at it, and of course the romance of the first movie seems even more noticeably bad as it isn't surrounded by good scenes to balance it out and has another horrid romance tacked on. It also seems to be in the business of breaking as many of the original's aesops as it can. Be Yourself? No Tess, going to the camp you want to is a bad thing! (Seriously, what kind of loyalty can you hold for a summer camp?) Always allow your friends to sing as much as you? No way, Mitchie deserves 70% of the soundtrack to herself as lead!

Rating: 3/10.