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So it may seem silly. It may seem long. It may seem pointless.

But you have to read it all. I can't say why it's good, it just is. READ IT IN ORDER THROUGH THE WHOLE THING, and then go find the spin-offs and stuff. This is gold.

Just read it. I don't know why I like it - JUST READ IT.
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Pretty g- *cow falls on BNJC 1*
BOTVGH is ancient by internet standards. The references are extremely dated by now (Though they were relevant at the time, the episodes were written back when Nintendo and Sega were still at each other's throats, Ocarina of Time Vs. Perfect Dark was the debate of the century, and the Game Cube was still the Dolphin.) but that's just what's so good about it. The series' charm is its dated-ness (It was on Geocities for quite a while.) and a general random, childish goofyness that is rarely captured. While episode quality varied WILDLY from "Classic late nineties to early noughties fanfiction" to "oh sweet jesus christ what is this garbage", the average is closer to the former. When it's good, it's pretty funny and clever, and it's probably the only time when a Self Insert Fic is actually decent. Overall, I give BOTVGH an 8.5/10.
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