Reviews: Auto Tune The News

  • TVG
  • 15th Mar 11
  • 2

Very original.

It is like a deconstruction of both music and politics. On one hand, music usually focuses on Intercourse With You, or lack of said intercourse, or wanting said intercourse, and other common subjects detailed elsewhere in this wiki. However, songs about, say, building a turtle fence as a metaphor for healthcare in Michigan, is not all together common. And on the other side of the deconstruction, is the politics. They are not taken all that seriously, which takes some of the power out of 24-hour news channels, a type of power subversion Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, et. al. have been working on for a long time. Thus, it creates a concept very original, as well as subversive. And that's not all! It sounds great too. The music is stellar, and very catchy, its well worth listening to a few dozen times (well maybe less, but still). The editing is also well-done. I mean, the visual editing its not that technically impressive, but it gets the job done, and the audio editing is veeery impressive (sometimes its hard to sort was and wasn't said without context). Therefore, you should watch Auto Tune The News, and subscribe to their channel 'n stuff.