Reviews: The Way Of Kings

Read It

Negatives about the Way of Kings:
Size. It's a thousand and one pages in hardcover, not including four pages of appendix.

Positives about the Way of Kings:
Everything else.

The characters are beautiful, and become more detailed as the story progresses. The world itself is completely alien, but described in such a way that these things don't become obvious until chapters later—Sanderson never lapses into Expo Speak, and loves the use of Cryptic Background References. This does not feel like a book. This feels like a window into another world, perhaps a journal literally written by the viewpoint characters. The action is sparse, which has been pointed out by critics as a bad thing, but I think it is like a spice: Sprinkled throughout, where it will be most effective.

Shallan's story is a slog at the beginning, but these are necessary for establishing her character and background, which is far removed from everyone elses'. Her chapters eventually become some of the most captivating, and the next book (which Sanderson plans to focus on her) looks promising.

Go read it. Right now. Why are you still here? Shoo.