Reviews: The Kane Chronicles


I'm not joking when I say that I LOVE anything Ancient Egypt, and this series is no exception. Although I'm older than the target demographic (I'm 24), I still found this an action-packed read and could not stop turning the pages. I agree with the previous troper about similarities between this and Percy Jackson books, but for me, it still stood apart in its own right. The Egyptian gods were starkly portrayed, most of them not one-sided, although a couple did tend to lean towards stereotypes. Some might say it was disrespectful, but I was highly entertained by the quirks the gods had, particularly Bastet and Thoth.

The two protagonists are different in their own ways, with Sadie the snarky, impulsive one, and Carter more cautious, although tending to be more impulsive in battle. I liked how their relationship grew closer together, yet without any questionable character changes. They still bickered like many siblings in real life, but by the end of the first book, you could tell they already certainly cared about each other.

It's Passable

Rick Riordan is a master of mythologies and if you've ever found the figures of Egyptian mythology hard to understand the Kane Chronicles presents a crash course to Egyptian language in somewhat modern lore. Unfortunately, this series is where some of Riordan's flaws as a writer really show up such as his egregious use of foreshadowing and dramatic irony as well his age in comparison to his target demographic which makes some of the dialogue seem a bit forced in an attempt to sound young. Also, the story bears a striking resemblance to the tales of one Mister Percy Jackson and Company but is a good story in its own right.