Reviews: The God Eaters

Worth the time

Let's look at the strengths of the book: - Characters: The characters are consistent, likable, and believable. I sympathized with the main characters throughout and sometimes put the book down when I was worried something could happen to them

-The world: Omg the world. This was actually a very clever element in the writing. Instead of having a data dump or an exposition fairy, there are two equally, important characters from very different circumstances. As they learn about each other in the narrative we get to learn about the world, so it is a very smooth learning curve. I was left thinking about the world for days after I stopped reading the book it was that good.

-The wonderful use of language and description. Jesse Hajicek really makes the scenery come to life.

-Certain elements of the romance: It is never a romantic plot tumor. It furthers and enriches the plot and leads to a lot of interesting (non-steamy) action, though it gets steamy too. When it comes to showing and not telling, the array of actions and interactions between the main characters leaves a believable, touching love story. Some elements of dialogue and internal-monologue need to be touched on later

-the general concept: Magic gay romance wild-western with theological and philosophical underpinnings + a dash of prison fiction. This is a robot cyborg ninja from outer space of a story and I love it.

Weaknesses: -the gorram purple-prose: We will have an action or a piece of nuanced dialogue demonstrating undying love between Ashleigh and Keiran and then it just gets railroaded by horrible purple prose in either dialogue or internal monologue. It's almost worse because the story could have been just as romantic if no one ever said the word love. It's possible to ignore and power through however

-the villain: You realize towards the end that the villain has a reason for behaving the way he does and while he is menacing I think this could have been hinted at earlier for a more satisfying story.

This story could do with a sequel but I suspect it's unlikely.