Reviews: The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

Romantic plot tumor, ahoy!

This book started out intriguing and interesting, there was a want to know about the Unconscencrated, but as soon as the love triangle is brought in, it stops being a zombie apocalypse and becomes a teenage girl angsting about her bestfriend's brother. She never stops through out the entire book. Her mom dies? Who cares, there's more fantasizing! She gets cast out of her family? That's not as important as the boy of her dreams! Mary comes off as a whiny girl with Special Snowflake syndrome. That's most of the book. Sure there are some plot points about the fence of her village breaking down, but even her impending doom doesn't stop Mary whining about Travis. So, all in all, Don't read this book. You can find romance stories that are better than this online for free. It's not worth your time or your money.