Reviews: Sixteen Thirty Two

Start out okay but still have its ups and downs.

When I first read 1632, it was pretty exciting with the actions with the time-displaced Americans curb-stomping any hapless European mercenary army in the Thirty Years' War, but it isn't without any flaws. There is the problem with the American people casually accept their new way of life in the 17th century and bring the values of the USA, but aren't too upset or any panic of their situation unlike S.M. Stirling's Island in the Sea of Time. It goes down into the Team America f*** yeah path from there. Also, the romance that Eric Flint writes down are not that good.

Furthermore, the series was starting to get cold with the huge infodump such as the Ram Rebellion which start to look ridiculous over a horny ram (no pun intended) until it jump the shark with The Dreeson Affair with some hackneyed soap-opera plot in the midst of an idiot plot by some fanatical Huguenots killing off Mayor Dreeson and Deacon Wiley in the cover of a anti-Semitic riot as part of a conspiracy to reigniting the United States of Europe into going war with France. The main heroes, including Mike Stearns, figured out what the hell had happened, but decide to use the riot to remove/kill every anti-Semitics in the USE within the last few chapters without any remorse. I read from another reviewer that Eric Flint justified the approach. There could have been major repercussions from this for the designated hero who authorized this, and would have like to have a deconstruction of this ideal character who is championed to 'save' Europe.

The other problems that according to people on and other forums that the stories get bog down is due to the fan response on the Baen forums getting the chance to chat with Flint and his co-authors, and asking them what they so do. As a whole for the series, the concept is interesting but story-wise it has its ups and downs, especially in regarding to the Grantville Gazettes made by different writers, some have good talents and some are bad.