Reviews: Gone Girl

One of the most f$#%ed-up stories I've ever read, and I've read Game of Thrones!

The writing is rather good, with reasonable pacing and the twists are hidden until they need to be revealed for the story's sake. The review title references George Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" books which, while excellently written with deep, interesting characters, have nasty subjects such as rape, incest and child murder as plot points. This book contains the first and the third is implied.

The worst part of the book; the characters. While the writing is alright I found nary a sympathetic or relatable character. Nick is selfish and almost amoral, his sister isn't much better as she wants to control him for her own ends, and the others range from sleazy to thugs. The worst however is (spoiler alert)


She is pure evil.

Amy frames her husband for murder and lays low with another man. When she changes her mind and wants him back she murders her current lover and frames him as a rapist to explain her miraculous return to her ex-husband. Then we have the cherry on top, the final piece of the Moral Event Horizon puzzle; to convince him to take her back she threatens to murder their unborn child if he doesn't marry her. He agrees to, locking himself in a loveless, manipulative marriage because his wife holds their child hostage, end of story.

The scariest part is that some feminists see Amy as an icon and role model. A murderous sociopath like her should not be idolized by anyone, and the fact that they do indicates either a misunderstanding of the character or says something about the people choosing to up to her...

In closing, this book reads like a misandrist's wet dream (and that is NOT intended to a statement against the author) and a parting quote; "Women like having men on their knees because it gives them a better view of the power between their legs."