Reviews: Delirium Series

Never Have I Been so Bored of a "Dystopia"

I really and honestly hate this book. I so wanted to love it. I wanted to contract amor deliria nervosa from this book. But instead, it cured me.

The book follows Lena as she prepares to receive her Cure from love, which is outlawed. But she falls in luv. Sounds good in theory, but the book's as boring as watching paint dry except when paint dries you feel a sense of accomplishment. This book gave no such satisfaction.

Lena is a bland girl who constantly compares herself to her friend Hana, who is attractive and blonde. Honestly I don't remember what Lena is supposed to look like except she is short, whiny, weak, indecisive, and acts like a child holding her breath till she passes out. At first she had total conviction in her government. She fell in love and became a madwoman.

Alex is just as bland. He has a constant smile, stony expression, or is expressionless completely. He gets mad at Lena for things out of her control. He whispers sweet nothings at her, recites poetry, tears holes in ceilings so that he can see the stars. He is constantly looking hurt about something. He is be able to change his demeanor to a confident adult at the drop of a hat. And people let him go anywhere. Sorry. I've played too many video games to buy that noise.

Although both of these characters is supposed to be an older teen, they act like 14-year-olds. Hana is actually interesting, which is likely why she got a novella. She has so much to offer this story, but is overshadowed by the incessant whining of Lena.

The writing is Purple Prose throughout; totally boring about halfway through. Coincidentally, this is around the same time Lena begins "falling in love" with Alex. I was bored to tears of Portland and Lena with her melodrama and romance. She began as a hopeful and overly-trusting young girl, but devolved into a bucket of hiccuping tears and craziness.

The audience knows love is not a disease in real life. So Lena is suffering from some other malady that will never be diagnosed in-universe (Web MD says she may be bipolar, or suffering from adolescent depression). I skimmed through the entire middle of the book. I read the ending. After reading that, all of my loose ends have been tied, as far as I am concerned. I have no motivation to read the rest of this series. And will not ever do so.