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IS Anime
A short review for the anime, if nothing else.

Well, for one, Ichika is, as anyone would've known by now, is... a donkan protagonist, for keeping even more derogatory terms for myself.

The IS's design is cool (especially both the IS made by Tabane, yes, both), and the first season is very good. The second season however... anyone with half an experience can tell that the anime is hamstrung with less-than-satisfactory budget, what with the battle scene against Silent Zephyrs in episode 4 being underwhelming (she shot the BITs down at supersonic speed), then there is three filler episodes, one of which dedicated to Charlotte, complete with a fairly good battle scene with it. it's still inferior to Blue Tear's battle with Silent Zephyrs though. but then again, the novel that much better either. And the 9th volume is romantic comedy part yet again... I'm gonna stop here before I leap before I look.
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