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Curing a mental disorder... or not?
So, having watched the whole anime of this, what can I say? The idea that there are young people who have these sort of delusions is funny and frigthening at once. So how does the anime handle it? Awfully stupid, that's how. Let's get this straight, the whole idea was that Rikka can finally get over her Chuunibyou completely, face reality and accept the death of her father to finally move on to become an adult. You know, just like how life actually works. And she does this by... returning to delusions? Broken Aesop doesn't begin to describe it. The whole premise was thrown out of the window for a dumb ending of an otherwise awesome show. No thanks, I like the fact that most people do not have Chuunibyou Mr Supernarrator thrown in into the last minute to tell us nonsense we already knew and didn't want to hear. No, in fact there aren't all that many people who have chuunibyou and they certainly do NOT have it for their whole lives. Don't lie to us. Yes, I enjoyed the idea of seeing these teens face reality and overcome their childishness and grow up. That's because growing up doesn't suck. This makes it all the harder (and much dumber) to see the last shot of Rikka having returned to how she was at the beginning of the show, having undone essentially all character development. That's not how it works and certainly not a good message. "Oh, so you cannot handle reality? Don't worry, just pretend you do and everything will be fine." Thanks, I sure didn't need that.
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What an Idiot The Anime, That's What This Is.
I personally do NOT like this anime, and for the following reasons: the characters (aside from Yuuta and Shinka) are so cliche and gimmicky it's not even funny, the situations get really awkward and pointless at times, there's a lot of overacting, and, most egregiously of all, I REALLY don't like the way it portrays its material. The show's about a kid who, when in middle school, used to pretend he was an anime, I don't mean just for a little bit just to make people laugh. He actually BELIEVED with ALL his heart that he was a Dark Flame Master, and masqueraded as him EVERY SINGLE DAY. IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. IN PUBLIC. AND NOBODY SO MUCH AS BATS AN EYE. I know it's a matter of HOW they want to portray these issues, and I get that not everything has to be exactly accurate to real life, and I know this is a comedy and all, and I did laugh at some parts,'d be one thing if Yuuta was in kindergarten when he did this, but...he was a freaking middle schooler! Who SHOULD have known better than to act like an anime character in situations where it's not appropriate! Anyone I know who'd have done that would have been bullied to the point of suicide if they got caught doing that in public where every one of their enemies could see them! How did NO ONE pick up on this?! I don't know if this is a Values Dissonance thing or what, but the creators really could have handled this a whole lot better, without making every character act like idiots. Also, does chuunibyou really exist? Because I don't believe that's true! I cannot believe that 8th grader syndrome is an actual disorder, because it sounds more like an excuse to me than anything.
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