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Book Girl volumes 1 and 2
A series intended for teens who don't like reading. Each volume loosely adapts the plot and themes of a classic novel to a Japanese high school setting.

The main characters are Konoha Inoue, who was a bestselling author in middle school, and Tohko Amano, an optimistic youkai who eats books.

In these volumes, side characters do horrible things (based on horrible things in the source novel) while Konoha languishes in guilt for allowing his friend to jump off a roof and Tohko dazzles everyone with the purity of her young, innocent heart.
That sounds like a challenge, right? Making a classic novel effective in a a supernatural school full of joshikousei? You bet, and Nomura's chops aren't up to the challenge. She focues on the side characters' mystery while using Konoha and Tohko - the legitimately interesting ones - as worthless sequel bait.

Volumes 1 and 2 amount to nothing but contrived, barely-planned, badly written fanfics that spoil great stories. They add nothing but shock value and mo illustrations (which are lovely).

Nomura has no right to look down on her readers. If stories are dumbed down and haphazardly rearranged, they won't be great anymore. Duh.

-Himeko Inaba
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