Reviews: The Runaway Guys

Super Smash Bros Brawl

I love the runaway guys. But out of all the runs I saw them do I have to say this was the one I liked the least.

First off, I was used to Jon and Chuggaa trolling eachother. But in Subspace emissary, you can't hurt each other. That bugs me more than it should, but oh well.

Second is in no way the games fault, or theirs, but mine. I beat the story three times, and saw walkthroughs of it twice, and honestly, the humor they use doesn't make it up for me. And before you say it's because it's the only game they did that I did, I also played and beat Mario Party 2, but I still found that hilarious.

Which brings us to the third reason I diskike this LP, the jokes. I have to say I was rarely entertained. The jokes they made were pretty predictable to me. I did laugh a few times, (mainly Ganondorf and Master hands wedding joke, and the Luigi saving Mario joke) but overall I didn't find it funny.

Finally, their playthrough itself. The first two reasons I had were simple nitpicks, but this is the most important reason for me. Watching it felt tedious, and I found myself fast forwarding for half of the levels, since they kept dying over and over and over. Unlike their run of New Super Mario Bros Wii, or the future run of Kirby's Return to dreamland, it bores me, probably because in New Super Mario Bros Wii the game doesn't rely on a single player, but I can't give an explanation for why in return to dreamland. It makes the video much longer, than I feel it usually would be. It especially bugged me when there was a near 20 minute video, but they could only get past one level.

Overall, I don't like this let's play. I find it to drawn out, and I don't belive there was enough extras in Brawl's story mode that I would need a whole guide for. I can see why other people would like this let's play, but I don't. I give it a 4 out of 10.


The Runaway Guys are one of the funniest trio's you'll ever see. Whether it's with Jon's annoyance with Chuggaa, or they're horrible luck, these guys rocks. Firs, you got Tim, also known as Nintendo Capri Sun. Personally I don't like him that much. He's pretty quiet, rarely adds to humor. But his terrible performance in Brawl has really made up for it. There's also Jon. He's most likely the best gamer out of the trio, mainly in New Super Mario Bros Wii. It's his arguments with Chuggaa that really make him hilarious. And then Chuggaaconroy himself. He's hilarious, a great player, and if it weren't for him, I wouldn't even bother seeing the Runaway Guys. These three are great in their own ways. My favorite LP was the NSMB Wii let's play, because they suffered there the most. These guys are also recommended if you simply won't a walkthrough, because they'll show you each secret. Three legends all in one channel, what's not to like?