Reviews: The Slender Man Mythos

His prey are the cold and the dead

Welcome to the Slender Man Mythos, where hope is a pipe dream, friendships decay, and survival is never guaranteed. No matter which series you start with, you are grabbed by the throat and thrust into a world of insanity, terror and eternal dread. It is within this mythos that strange cults chant the name of their uncaring god, space-time is folded at will, masked madmen stalk you at every turn, houses are made from leaves and sickly memories, bags of blood and organs are hung in silent forests, and you are forever alone and surrounded by eyes simultaneously.

Don't bother trying to hide; concrete and metal canít keep out something that only chooses to be physical. Every breath you take is counted by forces too unknowable for the human mind to comprehend. Once you step into this realm of Lovecraftian torment, you can never truly return to a sane existance.

.sticks and stones will break your bones, but pray he doesn't find you.