Reviews: Planet Of The Apes

Planet of the Apes (2001): Not as bad as one would think.

The Tim Burton Planet of the Apes remake is pretty much universally seen as a piece of crap but is it really? Let's start with the positives:

The Pros:

1. The set design/makeup special effects. These are downright some of the best practical effects I've seen in a while. These apes truly look like apes, and they hold up to this day. The set design is also incredibly well done. Tim Burton is undoubtedly a genius when it comes to locations and his vision of the Ape society is truly unique. It's different but you can still tell it's Planet of the Apes.

2. The Apes actually act like apes! Some people would call this a con and I could kind of see why but I personally like this. I like how they jump around, run on all fours, make those constant shrieks when they're excited or upset...well ok the shrieks get grating but all of the stuff I like. Again, these are apes we're talking about, not humans. So it makes sense that they act like such.

3. General Thade (Tim Roth) and Limbo (Paul Giamatti). Behold, the two characters I care the most about! Limbo is a sleazy trader of humans and is also a very fun character. I especially like that he doesn't go too good at the end, and that he's really just decided to start selling stuff to humans for more profit. And then there's General Thade. Truly, the best character in the film, General Thade is all I ask of a villain. Strong, competent, intimidating, having a bit of a soft spot for certain people, hypocritical, conniving, etc. He's just a good villain.

4. The growing rivalry between Thade and Leo. While I may not personally care for Leo as a character, I do like the aggravation, tension, and curiosity he gives to Thade. As Leo becomes more successful in fighting the apes, Thade becomes more enraged at him.


1. "Get your stinking hands off me you damn dirty human"....Lame.

2. The huge gaping plot holes, where did the horses come from, how come a revolution didn't happen sooner since the humans could function regularly here, the ending, etc.

3. Ari, too bland and boring for my taste.

4. Leo, too bland and boring for my taste.

So, overall there are flaws to this film but I find it to be incredibly enjoyable.