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Total Recall 2012 review
There are some similarities with the original- ambiguity as to what is real, cyberpunk dystopia, bad science, girl with three tits, etc. (That last part is probably the only thing most people remember about the original- and the same may hold true here.)

Despite the (literally) more down-to-earth setting, the 2012 version breaks the suspension of disbelief more than the original- in theory, a society that can build a transportation system right through the Earth's core wouldn't need to (and that's not even getting into what happens at the end).

All in all, it's an OK film, but it only becomes a good film if you can forget that it's a remake, and whoever that person is, please give me the number of your weed dealer.


Director's Cut prediction: An alternate ending where Quaid/Hauser wakes up in Rekall.
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