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strong silent type with gentle side
Watching Transporter1 and 3, I see distinctly that Frank is a strong mostly silent serious type person, a man of more action than words (and the words he does use are not wasted on foul language). He is an intriguing and personable man, not above giving or receiving affection from women. (Obviously he is not gay, as suggested on this site, by observing not only his actions but by his own words). He is most gentle and protective with the female species, and also friends he can trust in, like the Police Captain Tarconi. ( and with the vulnerable Asian captives in T1). It was interesting to see Frank and Inspector Tarconi fishing together in T3, a sport that they remember both of their fathers introducing them too. To see Frank play a trick on Tarconi while fishing showed he induges in playful humor occasionally.
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