Reviews: The Human Centipede

It would twist your mind as well as your stomach.

Well what can I say about these films.

They made me flinch and I had seen many horror movies, slasher, gory and scary ones. Very graphic, gorier and sadistic, you really need a very tough stomach to see them until the end.

But if you really like those kind of movies then go ahead, but if not then take the advice of tvtropes and stay away from them, if after that you still want to see them then be sure to have a good brain bleach at hand and something against nightmare fuel.

And... they're not so bad films after all.

It is what it is.

These films are, by most accounts, terrible because of how sick and twisted they are. But isn't that the point?

I'm a horror fan, and in many subgenres of horror, you need to learn to like 'bad movies'. Horror films go for an entirely different audience response than any other genre in that they CULTIVATE fear, shock, and disgust, rather than avoid it. In the context of contemporary society, where it's becoming harder and harder to scare audiences simply by having a man in a mask say 'boo!', it's impossible to make a film that is both truly horrifying and also create a film that is easily digested and appreciated by audiences and critics that don't normally go for that sort of thing.

I was very satisfied by the shock factor, gore, and the suspenseful scenes. The acting of the girls isn't anything to write home about, but it doesn't have to be, since they spend most of the movie with their mouths grafted to one another's anuses. Dieter Laser is incredibly hammy, and his most cringeworthy scenes are almost endearing in how disturbed and gleeful his tone of voice is.

If Tom Six has anything going for him as a director, it is the sadistic glee with which he tortures and defiles the characters in his films. The Human Centipede crosses the line, then pisses on the line and runs all the way around the world so that it can be crossed a second time. It's Shocksploitation at its very best, beaten only perhaps by A Serbian Film in this genre.

Don't bother

I hate this movie. It drew me in with its squick-worthy concept, but then proceeds to punch you in the face with it's biggest flaw: It's just boring.

Nothing happens, and you can tell they're trying to make it stand up on squick-factor alone.

The characters are all stupid and unlikable, the cinematography is crap, and it's just boring.

Avoid at all costs.


Gods, what shoddy acting - the best of the bunch was Dieter Laser, who had all of three facial expressions, and whose accent was so thick as to be incomphrehensible 50% of the time. I cheered when the girls could no longer talk.

However, the IDEA of the human centipede(a misnomer) is ingenious. Call me sick, but I find it fascinating, and hope to see other body horror writers expand upon it; hopefully, they will pay more attention to the medical care that would be necessary to keep the 'centipede' alive.

The movie: low - 1/5

The concept: oh god yes - 5/5

I'm a horror fan and this is horror.