Reviews: Superman IV The Quest For Peace

Looking at this movie as classic Doctor Who Fan

Why review a movie people only watch to find faults? First, it is hilariously bad. Second, I have issues with the commentary, which blamed the movies failure on the special effects alone. As a fan of classic Doctor Who, I do not judge movies by the special effects, but judge the story according to plot, and acting. The actors in Superman IV are first rate, but the plot itself makes the movie laughable.

The movie was inspired by actor Christopher Reeve to convey two messages: 1 multimedia companies taking over smaller media is bad, and 2 nuclear weapons should be disposed of. The first message—this statement about the evil of multimedia corporations who devour small newspapers is brought to you by Warner Brothers—defeats itself. The second message could work if they were willing to create a movie about the political process of disarmament, in the way Star Trek IV had Kirk and Spock finding a way physically save whales. Superman IV focuses on a fist fight with nuclear man, which is standard fair for superhero movies, but has no connection to a message about nuclear weapons.

With a $14 M budget, the film's creators might have viewed the production as if it were a TV show, and making use of special effects in dramatic ways, and hiding the deficiencies. Fans of Doctor who marvel at the skill with which directors of that show used small budgets.

Tragically, Reeve's last appearance as Superman, presented his sincere sentiments, in way that makes fans laugh. People will not watch this film to be better informed about the question of nuclear disarmament, they watch and mock. Advocates of nuclear deterrence, will find more reason to see disarmament advocates as fools: Reeves approach to the subject comes across as simple minded. Classic Doctor Who stories focused on story because if there is no compelling story, no one will care about your message, and Superman IV proves the point. Creators of Doctor Who fine tuned the art of dealing with small budgets, and subtly integrating messages into stories. The creators of Superman IV did not know how hard these tasks are to achieve. Reeve and associates approached a nearly impossible task as if it were simple, and there are few who could do better.