Reviews: Street Fighter

An amazing parody if that's how you take it.

A lot of purists complain that this movie is not enough like the video games, guilty as charged. But frankly I don't think a japanese video game storyline could translate well in live action, it couldn't be taken seriously anyway.

But really this movie is about Raul Julia and his swan song. He makes Bison into a wonderfully insane dictator so caught up in his own delusions whilst exchanging trash talk with Guile. The lines in this movie are so near iconic its unbelievable. From Raul Julia's epic response to Chun Li about killing her father. To Zangief with his stupid solution in dealing with imminent doom. Or the crazy-ass set pieces like Bison's personal comfort room complete with a bone chandelier and a skull-shaped fire place. The action scenes are equally absurd with Guile's massive jumping leap kick in a style that forcibly resembles Star Wars.

There's plenty of other funny characters like snarky Dee Jay or did I mention Zangief? The plot is the most silly excuse of how to draw in all these random street fighter characters.

Everyone has had their storyline touched up like E.Honda being Hawaiian. Somehow it makes it funny when E.Honda is on screen whilst strange lax, hawaiian strings play in the background. Unfitting music anyone? Or Belgian-American Guile, who swears so loosely in the prescence of Bison. He gets a golden speech infront of the most pathetic bunch of soldiers, ever. Ken and Ryu are conmen who have secondary roles which is probably one of the key complaints. But you know what? Let other characters have the spotlight for a change.

This movie is chock full of absurdities and errors that it become a joy to sit through and try pick up what things are so hilariously wrong. Listening to Destructiod and watching Screwattack shows how virtually every two minutes of the film has something funny in it.

This is a so bad-its-good movie, so I can understand if you don't like it. But if your a hardcore fan seriously get of your high horse because there's plenty of fun to be had.