Reviews: Solo

An Absolute Blast, but not much else.

I have heard that loads of people are going to not watch Solo because they no longer trust Disney with the franchise after the terrible Last Jedi. Which is a shame, because this film is genuinely good.

The film ultimately works because, unlike Rogue One, Solo just says "yeah, let's just have fun." The result is a film that is an absolute blast to watch and littered with so many references that not even the most avid Star Wars fan will be able to pick up all of them in one watch (at least, Fandom didn't notice the refurence to Felucia, so assumed they didn't).

However, it is bogged down a bit by the de-noodlising. They started with the Kessel Run and the legendary game of Sabacc and just ran with it from there. Heck, do we really need an explanation for why Han refers to the Falcon as she?

(Although, admitedly, L3 is the best part of the film, so I can let that part go).

Also, Dryden Vos never really meets his full potential. He's always too far away from the plot to come across as the villain...except when the heroes fight him directly. And kill him. However, the set up for that one character kinda made up for it, even if that character is a little overused by this point.

Overall, Solo lacks the interesting characters of Rogue One and is bogged down by denoodleisation (and I want to use that word more), but at the end of the day it's just a standard action flick. And as an action flick, it's an absolute blast.

What would be a really good movie, but dragged down by the franchise

If you showed Solo to someone that's never seen or heard of a single piece of Star Wars media in their life (...somehow), they'd probably enjoy the film more than someone who does know the franchise intimately.

This isn't like TLJ, where the issue is complaints about continuity. Rather, it's how the film always seems to feel stronger when it's not trying to tie things into the other films. Star Wars' style of filmmaking, where the world is presented as it is and random galactic details don't need exposition about them, it's still here and it wouldn't leave people behind...

...but those moments when it does bring up something from the Franchise, like OMG HAN GOT HIS BLASTER or OMG KESSEL RUN IN UNDER 12 PARSECS, they land very flat and are clearly cloying... made worse with a lot of stuff in the finale that go out of their way to Remind You Of The Thing.

Also, enough with the damn dice. They worked in TLJ to symbolize Han's loss, but no one cares about the goddamn dice >_<.