Reviews: Snakes On A Plane

I liked it

Snakes On A Plane is, overall, a delightfully silly action movie. One gets the impression that the cast and crew knew full well they were making something ridiculous, and decided to have fun with it. The result is a very tongue-in-cheek flick which nonetheless has some elements that other, more serious action movies could do well to imitate.

The movie is not without flaws. In particular, we never get to see the fate of Eddie Kim, the Tong boss whose actions kicked off the entire movie. It presumably gets resolved off-screen, but its absence is still noticeable, and that plot could easily have been wrapped up with a courtroom scene lasting a minute or two. Also, the romance between Flynn and Claire feels tacked-on, the titular snakes look very fake, and the infamous "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" line feels shoe-horned in.

However, there are also good points. As mentioned in the article page, the scientist character actually acts like a real scientist, rather than being a condescending jackass or panicky idiot. The stewardesses, while sexy, are also very competent, and Sean manages to become a distinctly heroic character without fundamentally reversing his personality. These and other uncommon choices of characterisation give the movie a fresh feel.

Also, Samuel L Jackson is as badass as her ever is.

In conclusion, while this is by no means a great movie, or even really a good one, it is enjoyable in spite of its flaws, and I would recommend seeing it. You pretty much get exactly what you expect.