Reviews: Miami Connection

Not quite what I was expecting, but still fun

I first came across the Miami Connection when someone showed me the trailer for it. My first response was "is this a parody?". I'm glad it isn't. The Miami Connection is by no means a "good" film, but there's an earnest effort in making it even if hardly anyone in the film had acting chops. It's got a very nonsensical plot which starts off with people angry at the heroes for taking their place as a club's house band, and it ends in a vicious battle against ninjas to the death. I'm sure there's some kind of sane narrative that could go from the first point to the next... this just isn't it.

The movie suffers when there's just long periods of nothing of substance happening, stuff that makes you want to just get to the next scene already, but the real weakness is Drafthouse Films' fault with their action-packed trailer. Fight scenes in the movie make up the minority of the film, and you'll have to wait until the last 10-15 minutes to actually see the ninjas show up.

Other than that though... I really can't say the film really "suffers" from any of its glaring problems. It's ridiculous from start to finish, be it in what characters do, how they dress, or just how mangled dialogue becomes... but that's part of this film's charm. My personal favorite bit of line-reading is the comment of "Uh oh, ninjas"... said with all the dread of someone caught out in a light drizzle without an umbrella.

Lastly... the two big songs in the film are actually legitimately good. Okay, they're cheesy in that 80s way but I've heard worse from that era of music.

So grab some friends, sit down, and watch the fuck out of it. And be amazed at its glory.