Reviews: Jesus Camp

Scary stuff

What makes this movie scary is that it's real. There are people out there who think that Satan is actively out to get them and everyone else, and that they are fighting a spiritual war with every choice and action. The camp may have been shut down die to concerns about vandalism after the documentary was released, but Becky Fischer is still highly active in the realm of Pentecostal children's ministry. She believes that she's teaching kids to speak in tongues, heal the sick, etc. Plenty of people in the world have religious beliefs that are just as out there. But what makes Fischer and her kind scary is that they are active recruiters for their views. In one deleted scene from the movie, Rachael talks about befriending the neighbor girl for the main purpose of getting her to go to Rachael's church. If there's one thing people should take away from this movie, it's that there are people out there who are targeting kids, and parents need to equip them with the tools to not only stand up against drugs and peer pressure, but zealots as well.