Reviews: Elizabethtown


This review isn't going to all that technical or in-depth because personally I'm not that good at it and I'd probably end up needing a thousands words at least to complete a review if I did.

Anyway, as Chester A Bum would say... SPOILERS!!!

The movie's 'story' tends to go all over place, the various plotlines never really get developed into anything, while performances (as much as I hate to admit it) can feel a little lackluster; i.e. Kirsten Dunst's character, Claire, can be WAY too perky at times and will likely get into most people's nerves; Drew, performed by Orlando Bloom can be a block of wood at times; and Drew's mother, played by Susan Sarandon, is criminally under utilized mostly played for comedy except for the last scene she was in.

Yet I still like this movie.

I found most of the situations and events in the story pretty relatable, like Drew's fiasco as he calls it, the loss of his father, Drew's mother trying to cope with said loss, and Drew trying to act like he's on top of all this despite him almost committing suicide at the beginning of the movie. The type of things happen to all of us. Sure they're exaggerated for laughs and drama, but general idea is still there the movie would have ended up being REALLY dull if they played them straight. These definitely would have been better if the story was better structured and defined, though but seeing this movie is pretty much slice-of-life as much it is a romantic-comedy I give it a free pass. Why? Life is supposed to be a badly arranged storyline where a lot of important details tend to be missing. As for the characters, I found them adequate. Yes, some getting annoying while others can be bland if not boring but I found that adding to the movie because in real life there are people like these. Not everyone is an engaging, easy to relate to person you would really want to get to know.

This movie is flawed and could have much better in a lot of areas. But for what it is, I enjoy it and have a soft spot for it despite its flaws.