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Couldn't finish watching this sleigh reck
I bought Elf because I noticed it was in French and English, and I wanted it to help me learn French. But first, I had to watch it in English so I could get a general idea of the movie and its dialogue. I started watching the movie in the middle of the night, when I was tired but sugar-high on all my Halloween candy, and was ready to laugh at anything...

I watched through about 1/3 of the movie before I realized it held no entertainment value to me whatsoever.

Will Ferrel was funny in all the other movies I've seen him in (mostly animated ones like Megamind) but here he wasn't funny or likeable. The other characters weren't that great either -very mean spirited, even for Grinch-like Christmastime New Yorker standards.

The situation was WEIRD; the main character (a human, Will Ferrel) was raised by an elf at the North Pole. He realized he didn't fit in, being the only tall guy besides Santa, so he moves to the US and somehow is able to track down his father. His cruel, awful father who left him in an orphanage when he was a baby. Or maybe his mom never told him he existed. Either way, it's already an awkward situation, but what makes it even more awkward is that the main character (whose name I can't remember) acts like a little kid even though he's a grown man, and his father has a family and other kids. I'm guessing it's supposed to have a lesson of "Let's all be a big messed up holding-grudges bad-backstory family," but I don't know because I didn't finish it. I couldn't, it was a waste of my time.

If even I, who finds almost everything funny and will laugh or even throw a pity-giggle at most bad comedy, can't even watch this all the way through, then I do NOT recommend this to anyone (especially kids! This movie was clearly made for grown-ups, but the grown-ups would find it too immature and the kids would find it painfully boring.)
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