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A Soulless Drag (Mid-Movie Reveal Spoiled)
If Darks Skies was, say, thirty years older, it would have been quite the psychological horror. Sadly, it was created far after its time had passed, and the film ends up tasting like five pounds of generic flakes in cliched milk.

The movie spends most of its time (which is a long, long time) trying and failing to develop its characters, an almost picturesque Nuclear Family. If only the little one had been a girl. Anyway, the film fails to realize that there is a difference between development and screen-time. For all the scenes and lines the four family members get, their development is very small. What little development they do get is uninspired; the mom frets, the dad works, the teen struggles with puberty, the child is creepy.

Even worse than that is how seriously the film plays its cliches. At one point, the parents go to see an expert on paranormal happenings, who gives them information that any viewer who has a seen a single alien movie in their life would find hard to take seriously. "The Greys have been among us..." "They make contact first, and then abduct their victim..." "No one knows what happens to those who are taken..." Wow, never heard that before. Yet the film treats this as a horrifying revelation, as if the filmmakers had never heard of another alien movie.

The "psychological horror" mentioned on the main page is also cliched - how many times must we sit through characters trying to find help with a problem no one will believe they have? The only other scares are not true scares, but merely enormously loud sounds that cause you to jump and get angry at the sound editors for doing that to you.

The penultimate scene ends on a "twist" that can only be called a twist on a technicality. Sure, viewers may not have expected it, but it changes nothing about how they view the preceding story, nor does it evoke any different emotions than the ending they were expecting would have. The final scene explains the "twist" in the most ineffectually dramatic way possible, considering the hows and whys of it don't matter at this point, and then ends with... what, a sequel hook? A scare? That'd be one hell of a genre shift for a sequel, or one hell of a disappointment for a scare.

In the end, Dark Skies plods along through cliches, tugs on no heartstrings, and becomes an exceedingly boring film.

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