Reviews: What is in a Name?

DontKillBugs' review

This fic handles the issue of gender with relation to Jusenkyo in the best way this troper has ever seen. The relationship between Harry and Ranma is gradual and sweet, with Ranma apprehensive, fearful, and eager. With the exception of a few spelling and grammatical errors, the story is very well-written, with particular regards to when Ranma meets a changed Saffron for the first time in years. The story is technically complete, only being marked as incomplete because the author has been planning an alternate ending for two years, which the troper hopes is never written. The author's note which describes it gives it the impression of being overly cruel, spiteful, and generally making the entire fic a Shaggy Dog Story. As it is now, the story has a very satisfying ending, while still remaining open for various interpretations.