Reviews: Veil Death

Good, but not the author's best.

Writerfag is a great author, and Veil Death is no exception to that...but they've written much better fanfics, to be quite honest. I'd personally recommend poking around their site a bit more.

Hope you like squirming

The trolls die off quickly, ruthlessly. Very few words are spared on description or unnecessary gore: this is a brutal, bare-bones story about a group of people starving to death and eating one another as they fall. It would work as a stand-alone work of fiction, but as a fan-fiction, the impact is magnified by watching a cast that you know and like suffer cruel, senseless fates.

It's a depressing, haunting work of short fiction. In that sense, it's masterfully written. But make sure it's something you think you can handle before you read; tropers with weaker constitutions might find themselves profoundly uncomfortable.