Reviews: The Wolf Within

A good and well-written fanfic about Tails and the Wolf Pack

This's a damn good fanfic, if not one of the best based on the Sonic franchide, and one of the main reasons why is because of the well-written style that make it look like if the writer is a full-time book writer reather than just a dude writing fanfictions. Through the whole story it's written in two ways instead of just one; the present and the future. The reason why is because of the plot. In it, the Freedom Fighters will get wiped out by Dr Robotnik's latest weapons, the napalm bombs, with only Tails and Nicole surviving. For the next ten years they try to just survive a world ruled completly by Dr. Robotnik and then they try to get back in time so that the now adult Tails can stop the doctor before he burn his friends out, and with this plot dealing with both the original timeline, called the future, and the changed timeline, called the present, it makes sence, even if it get sometimes confusing when you try to differ the timelines. Also Lupe and the Wolf Pack plays as secondary main characters. Right now, it's really hard to find any, if none, fanfics that are about the wolf pack but in here they make up about 60% of the story and they play big roles in it. Prefect chose for any Wolf Pack fans. It's also somewhat of a psychological story, since it deals with Tails' mentality and how it's influenced by ten years as a loner forced to run and hide without any support from his friends, and how it slowly turns him into something more primal, and how it in turn affect his friends once he returns back in time. A pretty suspensive thing, but not as suspensive as in other fanfics that deals with the mentality stuff more, but it play some part in Tails' interaction with his friends, allies and enemies, his relationships, his own self-esteem and the plot so it works enough. This story is based more on Satam than the archie comics but some elements from them are in as well. In short terms, A good fanfic recommended to any Tails or Wolf Pack fans.