Reviews: The Splintered Light Series

Arrogantemu has much to be arrogant about

Arrogantemu may be the single best writer currently in the fandom. I love her compelling characterization, her turns of phrase, her empathy for even flawed characters. In particular, her depiction of Celebrimbor and Annatar is now canon for me- and I don't even like slash!

Spilintered Light Three, Four, and Five

This is perfect! The writing fits wonderfully into cannon, following the Professor's own penstrokes to weave a coda to the Lord of the Rings, a coda which ties back into the beginning of the worlds. From Mandos and Manwe, high and low, to Feanor and Sons, all are touched by the presence of hobbits. And that's just the final story.

Three focuses alternately on Finrod and a building project, and Curufin's apology for everything he did in Nargathrond, and sometimes Curufin apologizing while helping build.

Four is almost entirely a conversation between Thingol and Maedhros, in which responsibility and who owes forgiven for what is discussed. Maedhros also manages to be more kingly than Thingol without trying, even as Thingol works to outdo him. Fingon is also cheerful.

The fifth... is simply perfect, and can be summed up in an exchange between Bilbo and Manwe.

Bilbo: offering Manwe a handkerchief. "I thought this wasn't meant to happen until the healing of the world."

Manwe, weeping for joy: "This is the healing of the world.