Reviews: The Hyrulian Valhalla Saga

I can't stop laughing

Over 100 shorts, all of which are either hilarious or heartwarming, sometimes both. Queenie Z has managed to make each Link his own character, and watching the many disparate Links bounce off of one another is a blast. A crowning moment has to be Chapter 94. In short, "Nothing humbles the spirit quite like a platform full of Moldorms!" A fantastic read that I highly recommend.

100 Shorts and Still Strong

Queenie Z has no shortage of imagination or things to poke fun at. From canon to non-canon, from questioning how people are actually capable of breaking the Triforce to the introduction of "Sky-tipping", this author can find humor in just about every little detail of the series. And yet, in spite of the goofy nature of this fanfic, there is the occasional chapter which give your heartstrings a gentle tug. Personally, I'm looking forward to another hundred chapters of goofy Links.

Somebody Beat Me

Somebody beat me to the Recommendations. I think Chapter 9 is supposed to be poking fun at a particular infamous Mary Sue story in the fandom, not necessarily slash fan fiction. Anyway, this cracky series as a whole is unique among crack fictions in that it is really very good. It is a perfect combination of adorable and hilarious with some very nice heartwarming touches. The perfect read for anyone looking for light humor and for anyone who enjoys stories in this fandom where different Links from different games interact. __ Shadsie