Reviews: The End Of The Beginning

One of the few 'Must-Reads'

One of the best works I have ever read, much less one of the best fanfics. Dimwit's grasp of the characters in the story paired with wonderful writing abilities makes this a compelling story that builds through the 100+ (and still going) chapters.

This fic is one of the only that I have ever read that can swing from action to comedy to deeply chilling horror, and maintain the balance throughout. I still get excited whenever I see an update, and enjoy rereading the story.

The only thing is that the formatting in the first few chapters looks odd on my screen, with the text halting half-way across the screen. This gets better the further into the fic you go, and doesn't detract from the content.

The end of the beginning

Dimwit has a sly and subtle way of writing. Often things that were from about 50 chapters ago show up in the most unexpected way making you go "What?! Was that really there? I might need to go back and have a look." It doesn't hurt that the writing style is easy on the eyes and very humourous. The author also do a lot of research into their work and try to keep there time era (1970-80s)and analyses Kato's work to the point that the author gets headaches from it. There is currently no end in sight for the end of the story and we're only on the second arc. So this story is for those that want something lasting for a fanfiction, detailed with almost anything for a red herring and for a good laugh.

It does contain hints of slash, femslash and het. Just a warning for those that were just wanting a gen fic, you can ignore it and it will still flow.