Reviews: The Superwomen of Eva series

Ultra Sonic 007's review

Definitely Better Than It Sounds. How exactly the characters got their powers is explained and made to fit well within the Evangelion canon (if need be, there will be subtle merging of the DC and Marvel universes with that of Evangelion canon). Characterization isn't sacrificed (in fact, character traits were of prime importance upon selecting who would become what superhero). And it isn't a case of "insert superhero, destroy Angel/SEELE, end story"; that route is avoided (except when it's tried, it usually ends up going very badly for the main character). At most, a couple of stories crossover with each other, so that some of the other Superwomen appear (that way you've got Green Lantern and Blue Beetle at once, Ghost Rider and Iron Man at once, Power Girl and Wonder Woman, and so on). Give it a try.