Reviews: The Dresden Fillies

If you have some spare time...

A pretty good read. The characters are in character, it's quite fun to watch some Dresden snark in the pony world. There may not be as much as some hope for because, well, proper snark bait isn't too common in Equestria. But it's there. As well as changing POV characters sometimes cuts us off from Dresden's personal remarks. Which to me, are typically the best. The chapters are short enough that it may only take ten minutes to read one, and at the current rate, the fic may be finished chapter ten...or there could be a twist. (In a Dresden story!? OK, maybe this is more a pony story with the setting's prominence.)

My only real problem is some of the jokes are straight up cut from both series. Neverminding references to popculture, sometimes something funny is mentioned, the exact way it was in the show/books. Pinkie hiding entirely in a bowl of sponges! could have been better if it was something different, like a small bucket of water, especially considering they were at fluttershy's house where I wouldn't expect quite an object.

Aside from what's really only a minor nuance to me, this is a good read. It easily could fit in as a nail AU for Dresden. Plus I like the punny title and the decision to keep Dresden human.